Kuwaiti Lawyer Offers $10,000,000 for the Death of Christian Asylum Seeker in Canada

Published by Rami Dabbas on

kuwaiti-lawyer-offers-$10,000,000-for-the-death-of-christian-asylum seeker-in-canada

New threats have been received in the case of Hani Morris, an Egyptian Coptic Christian who received asylum in Canada. This last set of threats included an offer of money for his demise. These threats also extended to Mr Morris’ friends and acquaintances. A message was sent to Prime Minister Trudeau requesting Mr Morris’ deportation, as well as a warning to the Canadian Police. See our original reports here, here and here.


Mr Sami Thabet, an Egyptian lawyer and Islamist who works for the Kuwaiti Almulla auto company, wrote here to an ex-member of the Parliament of Kuwait who witnessed that Mr Hani Morris was persecuted by Kuwaiti authorities. This is a translation of the above tweet: You Shia traitor, you help a Christian against your own country, soon we will take the Kuwait citizenship from you and you will be back in Iran, you infidel must witness with Muslims, not with Christian infidels.


Mr Thabet wrote this to a Kuwaiti refugee in Canada who is friends with Hani: You dog who defends a Christian, you womanizer, we know where you live and your friend Hani, if he is a real man, let him go to the church.


Mr Thabet wrote to a Kuwaiti lawyer who helped Hani Morris in his case: You defend an infidel Christian against your own country Kuwait, soon we will take your Kuwaiti citizenship and you know that the Kuwaiti Government and the ministry of foreign affairs of Kuwait will help us to kill him and you will die too, Allah bless Islam.


Mr Thabet wrote to a popular Israeli Jewish journalist: You filthy Jewish dog who defends a Christian dog, soon he will die in his home in Canada, tell him to give up the case before 2020.


Mr Thabet wrote to Rami Dabbas: You dog who writes articles about Hani Morris the infidel, tell him to give up the case, otherwise he will die.

Mr Thabet wrote to Justin Trudeau: Mr. Trudeau, we know you are a Muslim, please deport Hani Morris who is a Christian and suing us; otherwise you will not win the 2019 elections and this is the number of the Christian dog. Mr Thabet provided Mr Morris’ telephone number.


Mr Thabet wrote to police: This is a warning to the Canadian police, Hani Morris must give up his case or he will be killed in his home, we know everything about him. Mr Thabet provided Mr Morris’ telephone number.


Mr Thabet wrote  on his Twitter page the following statement, after which he shut it down after Hani Morris told the police and the intelligence agency in Canada: Kuwait pays 10 million dollars to anyone who kills Hani, and we will not pay any penny to a Christian infidel, he must give up the case against Kuwait before 2020, and he lives in Mississauga. Who insults Islam, there is a reward for those who kill him.

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